Pellemela, natural leather with appleskin

Pellemela is created through the classic polyurethane coagulation process. But unlike the normal coagulated fabrics or nonwovens, Pellemela was developed after a longstanding research by adding polyurethane blend to ecological products coming from the waste of vegetal production, particularly from apples.

Not only apple is a thoroughly ecological and natural product, but it gives also unique technical and organoleptic features.

In addition to increasing material breathability without modifying thermosensitiveness, the high percentage of organic and natural material makes the product eco-friendly, nontoxic and bio-compatible.

Furthermore you can also enjoy the delicious natural fragrance of apple released by the material during its manufacturing and application!

Thanks to Passoni deep experience, it was developed not a merely “synthetic” product but a really ecological one.

The creation of an artificial leather item by using biodegradable and from renewable sources raw materials allowed us to obtain an environment –friendly fabric without giving up the mechanical and physical features that the market demands.

This achievement helps to reduce CO2 emissions.

We are talking about a really innovative product which is strongly aimed at the environmental preservation using resources that otherwise would be disposed as special waste or even burned off.