Meeting with 30 American architectural studies

On January 24th, 30 architectural and interior studies of North America were hosted in Milan during a special event organized by Passoni Design together with Nicoletti and Universal Selecta.

The prestigious delegation, which included designers from various cities of the United States and Canada, was welcomed at the Universal Selecta event space (US49), where they had the opportunity to get a closer look at the characteristics of the products of the three Italian brands and share project ideas to be developed together.

For Passoni, it was a great opportunity to tell the unique characteristics of his collections, starting from his workhorses Genea, Decanter and Baci, which were also joined by models of Hamper, Moraar, Tail and Delphi.

Among the professionals who chose to participate in the event, in addition to architecture and interior design studies were also present important representatives of the hotel industry and real estate. Here are some of the most important names, mostly present with their principals, presidents, senior architects or design directors: Skidmore San Francisco and Chicago, Lucien Lagrance Studio, Perkins Will, Intercontinental Hotels Group, Pembroke & Ives, Jupiter Realty and Jennifer Mayster Interiors.
The evening of January 24th does not represent an isolated event in the relationship between the three Italian brands. In fact, both with Nicoletti and with Universal Selecta, Passoni is developing a privileged relationship, which in the future could take the form of new joint initiatives.